ABOUT JAMI (As written by Jami’s 10 year old daughter, Emory)

Jami Smith is a worship leader from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For more than 20 years, Jami has traveled the world using music as a tool to help people connect with the Lord. Jami’s latest album is The Worship Project, released in 2019. This album is a group of songs both old and new, covers and originals.


Jami Smith was born and raised in the small town of Chickasha, Oklahoma. Her childhood memories include sitting on top of her barn watching an Oklahoma sunset, running across hay bales with her brothers, and singing hymns in her childhood church, Sharon Baptist.


Jami loves sports, music, her family, traveling, and most of all, the grace of God. Jami maintains her Oklahoma roots, and still lives within 40 miles from her hometown. She regularly partners with her younger brother Ryan Smith to write songs. Their most recent collaboration is featured on Jami’s new album, The Worship Project. It also features Oklahoma favorites; K.C. Clifford and Erick Alexander. In addition, she has a family of her own. She has a husband, Justin King, and a daughter and a son, Emory, 10, and Griffin, 8.

Jami has known since she was a college student at Oklahoma Baptist University that she was called to be a worship leader. When she was a kid, she dreamed of becoming the next Amy Grant. However, after leading worship for 3 summers during college at Centerfuge, God began to change her mind and her heart. She no longer wished for audiences to focus on her, but on our Savior. When Jami leads worship, she is the lead worshiper. She is inviting you to participate with her, not to be a spectator. By doing this, she has helped many people learn what worship really is and also helped many come to God. Jami performs at church services, schools, women’s retreats and conferences, church plants, house concerts, and special events.


Jami has enjoyed success not only as a worship leader, but as a recording artist as well. Radio stations around the world play Jami’s songs. Salt and Light from her 2002 release Wash Over Me hovered at the top of the charts. Jami’s 2008 release Faith In You was named one of the top worship albums of 2008 by Christianity Today. That same publication also recognized Jami’s Christmas album Hope Of All The Earth as “something of a revelation” and “an excellent Christmas project.” Verse, released in 2010, is an album that has twelve songs straight from scripture. It features songs like the Beatitudes, Cast Your Cares, and The Lord’s Prayer. No Matter What, released in 2016, is a children’s album, songs written by moms and sung for kids. It helps children know that God loves them and will always love them no matter what.  Jami does a number of Christmas concerts every December as well as for the past 6 years a community-wide event celebrating the Bible hosted in Downtown Oklahoma City.


Her music is available on ITunes.

Nicole Johnson
With a humble heart and a radiant glow it is easy to tell that Jami spends time in God’s presence. But then, through her music she opens the door like a beautiful host and invites us in too.
Nicole Johnson Fresh Brewed Life
Shannon Ethridge, M.A.
Through her soulful style of worship, Jami is able to lead people into the presence of God like few musicians can. As a speaker, I love working with her because she makes my job much easier. The audience is so ready to receive the message once Jami has so skillfully tilled the soil of their hearts.
Shannon Ethridge, M.A. Best-selling author & conference speaker