Bravo God

Written by: Jami Smith

“We sat in my basement one afternoon and opened The Message (Eugene Peterson’s contemporary version of the Bible.) Immediately, Psalm 29:1 popped out at me: ‘Bravo God, Bravo.’ I was overwhelmed at the thought of shouting ‘Bravo’ to and for God because this epitomizes worship. I longed to write an album full of songs for God where we sing of His forgiveness, mercy and greatness, and then together, shout, ‘Bravo, Bravo God, to your name we give you praise, Bravo God.”

Produced by Will Hunt (Shane & Shane, Aptcore), the record reflects Smiths journey and like most it is full of highs and lows, but evident throughout her life as well as this album is an unswerving trust in God and His word.

Lyrics & Chords