The Worship Project

“This project is a group of songs both old and new, covers and originals. Songs recently written by songwriters of our time that I consider modern day hymn writers,  other songs born out of sermons our pastor taught at church, and still others have been in our rotation for years but I just can’t seem to move beyond them. And so, we recorded them, hoping they will serve you in the way they have us…these song/servants, that nourish the church, teach us truths about God, bring us together singing His praise at the same time, they remind us of His love, loyalty, forgiveness, acceptance and grace…beautiful grace. They complement our private worship, aid our corporate worship and keep us close to the cross of our Savior.
    Best of all, just like our God, the truth written in them doesn’t change just like he doesn’t change. Listen, sing along, praise Him, ascribe worth to Him, wait for Him, talk to Him, listen again and feel your God around you, in you and before you and with you always with you.”
Jami Smith